Have your technical documents translated by an engineer!

I studied engineering for many years and earned a MEng in Industrial Engineering; having this specialized, technical background allows me to understand and interpret your complex terms.

I can help you translate:

Engineering Specifications, Operating Manuals, Bill of Materials, Technical Patents, Technical Reports, Brochures, Design Specifications, Drawing Specifications, Software Interface, Software Manuals, Technical Presentations, Patents, CAD Drawings, Presentations, Catalogs, RFP Responses, E-Learning, Safety Manuals, Installation Manuals, Software and Hardware UI, Labels, Presentations, Technical Proposals, User Guides, Training Materials, Websites, Engineering Plans,  Product Sheets, Process Instructions, White Papers, Addendums, Standard Drawings, Design Requirements, Rules & Regulations, oOrdinances, Safety Audits, Service Assessments, Asset Records, Development Schedules, Budget Estimates, Product Assumptions, Notes, Calculations, Product Capabilities, Functional Requirements, Product Performance Results, Supplier Data Sheets, Marketing Materials, Technical Proposals, MSDS and Data Sheets, Multimedia Audio and Visual, Bill of Materials, Labels, CAD Drawings, Catalogs.

Industrial Engineering covers:

Lean Manufacturing, Systems, Supply Chain, Management, Operations Management, Operations Research, Production, Planning & Control, Process Engineering, PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act), Productivity Improvement, Kaizen, Ergonomics, Material Management, CAD Design, Logistics, Quality Control, System Simulation Time and Motion Study, Technology & Development, System Analysis, Specifications, Process Improvement, Kanban Systems.

Information Engineering covers:

Organisational Planning, Information System Planning, Business Re-engineering, Production and Systems Engineering, Lean Manufacture Systems, Lean Manufacturing, Systems Operations, Management Systems, Engineering Production, Engineering Management, Engineers Supply Chain Management, Reduction of Idle Time, Materials, Energy Manufacturing, Engineering Cost Management, Computer Simulation.

Civil Engineering covers:

Designs & Drawings, Construction Maintenance, Preservation Bridges, Roads, Dams & Buildings Environmental Engineering, Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Material Engineering, Grading, Drainage, Pavement, Electric Water Supply, Sewer Service Communications, Project Development, Construction Plans Waste Water Treatment, Air Pollution, Coastal Engineering Residential, Commercial, Public Surveyors, Civil Engineers, Surveying, Construction Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Hazardous Waste Management.

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