Language Credentials

Korean: Test of Proficiency in Korean, Level 4; 2 years in South Korea.

Japanese: Japanese Language Proficiency Test, Level 1; 5 years in Japan.

Chinese: HSK Level 5; 3 years in Taiwan and China.

Italian: Native. I was born and raised in Italy, and I attended Italian teaching institutions all the way up to graduate school.


2008-2011 Graduate School of Commerce – PhD, attended

2006-2008 MBA, completed

2004-2006 MEng in Industrial Engineering, completed

2004-2008 Recipient of 4 Academic Scholarships

Selected Publications

2006 “Maintenance Global Service: Strategies and Performance Indicators”

2004 “A Road Map for the Transition to the Supply Chain Model”

Training Sessions Attended

2013/12/11 “Layout, colori ed elementi grafici nei materiali di marketing”

2013/11/26 “Traduzione tecnico scientifica: tecniche e tips”

2013/10/30 “Errori di traduzione, chi ne risponde?”

2013/10/22 “Dealing with Arguments and Complaints”

2013/10/03 eCPD “Translating Culturally Challenging Terms: Problems, Techniques and Solutions”

2013/09-10 eCPD “Business School for Translators”

2013/09/25 Moravia “Steps to Effective Global SEO – On-Page Factors”

2013/06/11 “Risk Management in the Online Translation Industry”

2013/05/15 Moravia “Transcreation: How to Get it Right”

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