Pricing (translation)

Korean-Italian: From 40 to 100 US$ / A4 page

Japanese-Italian: From 40 to 100 US$ / A4 page

Chinese-Italian: From 40 to 100 US$ / A4 page

Project Examples

revisione contabile coreano italiano 2Certificato dettagliato di pagamento imposte coreano italiano 1delibera per risoluzione disputa su dominio internet coreano italiano 1

32-page audited statement (financial report)

Balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows, footnotes to the financial statement.

1,900.00 US$, delivered in 14 days

6-page certificate of items of taxation (tax payment)

320.00 US$, delivered in 3 days

8-page decision of WIPO administrative panel for domain name dispute resolution

1480.00 US$, delivered in 4 days


daily capacity (translation)

2-10 A4 pages

Text Count



I’m currently available 7 days/week between 9:00-23:00 (GMT +8).  I can typically provide up to 6 hours/day for translation from Korean into Italian.

I’m in your future! I can oftentimes make overnight delivery possible for clients in Europe, the UK, and the US; wake up and find that your translation is ready.

Correction of Mistakes

Order cancellation

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