This is my first time ordering a professional translation. What should I do?

The first step towards a professional translation is to make sure your text is completely ready to be translated. The text should be 100% finished, and it should be accurate, spell-checked, and free of mistakes. The next step is to identify your ideal deadline. When do you need the translation finished? Then once these steps are done, it is time to contact me.  You may send the entire text that you would like translated into Italian, and within 24 hours I will provide you with a quote for how much it will cost and how long it will take.

How much does a Professional translation cost?

The cost of a professional translation depends mainly on the length of the text to be translated. The longer the text, the greater the cost. Of course, there are other factors that will also determine the final price: urgency (i.e. do you need a rush, overnight translation?), the degree of specialization (general, business, technical…), and file format (Word, PDF…).

I thought it would be cheaper.

There are many low-cost translation agencies, often based in India and China that offer prices as low as one-third of mine. You can also expect an equivalent drop in quality, but it could be enough for your needs. There are also plenty of free translation sites, such as Google Translate, which could work for basic, quick, but less than accurate translations.

How long does a Professional translation take?

You can get a general idea of how many days might be needed by dividing the length of your text by my “daily capacity” listed on my homepage. If your work is urgent, I can work overtime for an additional fee.

How do I count the length of my text?

With Microsoft Word, it’s easy: on the top navigation menu, under the “Review” tab, click “Word Count”. The numerical value for “Asian characters” is what you need to know, and this is the number I reference.

My text isn’t finished yet.

Usually, quotes are given for a definitive, finished version of your text. If it’s a matter of minor changes that will need to be made, I can still provide an accurate quote. However, if a good number of changes would need to be made, then it’s better to finish those first and then provide me with the text for translation. One option is you could still submit the first part of a text to me, and then send the rest of the text once it’s ready.

I need a professional translation from Italian into…

I believe that a professional translator should only translate into his or her native language(s).  As I’m a native Italian speaker, I can provide you with high-quality translations into Italian. However, if you are searching for a translator into Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, I am happy to recommend you a native professional translation. I do, on occasion, allow for exceptions to my own ‘rule’: if your document is for strictly internal use or private negotiations, which require only clarity of contents but not necessarily the most natural, native-sounding phrasing, I can consider providing you with such translation.

I need an interpreter.

I usually do professional translations, not interpreting. One reason is that I am probably not physically present in the location where you need me, or I might not be available to travel there at the time you would need me.

What can’t you do?

I don’t do interpreting; I don’t proofread or edit machine translations (i.e. Google Translate); I don’t translate in highly specialized fields that I’m not competent in (i.e. medical, legal, special technologies…).

What does “Gifted Translations” mean?

It refers to my high IQ. I am a member of Mensa and am equipped with a highly analytical, creative mind. While this characteristic might be considered a hindrance in certain working environments, it’s very useful in individual, intellectual-based pursuits, such as learning languages, manipulating words and concepts, and understanding cultural and linguistic subtleties. I chose an English name for my translation site, as I work with clients all around the world and this is oftentimes the common language.

Why should I hire you?

I offer a unique combination of specialized knowledge, advanced language skills and personal characteristics that are suitable for working with languages and offering professional translation services. Additionally, I am able to offer you the benefits of working with a freelancer, rather than an agency (who would charge a commission): high-quality, personalized service, prompt responses, and delivery satisfaction.

Who are you? What is your background?

My name is Stefano Lodola, a native of Carrara, Italy. I studied for many years to become an engineer and a business manager, but I have chosen to pursue other interests. You can often find me in Asia, where I learn one language after another and polish those I already know. Don’t worry, I can serve you no matter where I am in the world, so long as I have an Internet connection.

I’d feel safer with references.

Upon your request, I can provide references for reputable translation agencies who have been happy with my work.

Check out my rates here, and my profile here.