Services, fields of expertise, language pairs

Fields of Expertise

My diverse background and unique combination of skills allows me to offer you a high level of knowledge and expertise about the following fields:

  • BUSINESS – Data sheets, internal and external policies, audits, human resources, employee handbooks, corporate governance, training materials, presentations.
  • MARKETING – Brochures, slogans, campaigns, press releases, white papers, case studies, customer testimonials, corporate profiles, internal communication, presentations, annual reports.
  • ENGINEERING – Machine tools, logistics, maintenance, engineering specifications, manuals, presentations, catalogs, training materials, marketing materials, technical proposals, user guides.


As a professional translator, here are the types of services I do offer:

  • Document Translation – I can translate the language pairs listed above, typically in Word files.
  • Revision, Proofreading and Editing – I can work on others’ translations into Italian.
  • Summary Translations, Transcreation and Original Writing – I can summarize, translate, and create original writing.
  • Desktop Publishing – I can edit files in a variety of software to fit your needs: Microsoft Office, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and more.
  • Website Translation – I can review and translate your websites, using HTML, ASP, PHP, Joomla and WordPress.

What I Don’t Do and Why

  • Interpreting. Because I can’t tell where I’ll be in the near future.
  • Proofreading from machine translation. Because I believe in providing high-quality, original translation.
  • Translation to non-native languages. Because I think a translator should know completely (at the native level) his target language.
  • Medical, legal translations and other fields for which I lack expertise and interest. Because I’m interested in giving you the best possible translation.

Language pairs

I specialize in this language pairing:

  • Korean to Italian
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